Almost 100 years ago, Dr. Max Gerson discovered the environmental causes of disease and predicted the situation the world is living today. Man made medical and environmental disasters that not only can be avoided through concerted action but can actually be reversed through nutritional and environmental treatment.

The time has come. The world is finally waking up and is ready for this kind of concerted action. Our young people are revolting against the destruction of their future and we should unite with them and guide them to the best established ways of preventing this destruction.


To continue the legacy and work of Dr. Max Gerson helping people to heal the Gerson way. 


• Training doctors, nurses and students in health-creating nutrition • Aiding organic farmers to renew and preserve soil fertility • Building centers of integrative medical excellence • Preserving the animal species • Teaching and practicing self-sufficiency and complete re-cycling of waste.

The History and The Gerson Family

Max Gerson's journey since he started his research and how his Family followed educating over Three Generations.

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Our Community

Thousands of testimonials from patients to health educators, build The Fourth Generation.The MGF Community live The Gerson Way, maximizing their human potential.

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