Gerson Health Coach Program

Max Gerson Foundation offers courses on Gerson Therapy to allow individuals to become a certified Gerson Health Coach. Gerson Health Coach is a professional Gerson caregiver. 

These courses consist two parts:

  1. Theoretical Training
  2. Practical training

Once completed, the trainee will need to take a test before they may be certified as a Gerson Health Coach.


Responsibilities as a Gerson Health Coach

A certified Gerson Health Coach will be hired to go to someone’s home to help, assist and teach the following: 

  • Juicing 
  • Food preparation
  • Ordering supplements 
  • Water filtration and purification options
  • Kitchen organization 
  • Detoxifying the home 
  • Where to find organic food and supplies 
  • Gerson therapy Resources and products 
  • Teaching a full-time caregiver 

 A Gerson Health Coach may also offer coaching service by phone, video call or email to the patients and their family. The service is paid on hourly basis.

A Certified Gerson Health Coach will work as an independent contractor under the guidelines of the Max Gerson Foundation, and supervision of a Certified Gerson Practitioner.