Gerson Asia

Mr. Howard Straus, Dr. Gerson’s grandson, co-founder of Max Gerson Foundation made several trips to Asia over the course of his life.  His last trips to China in 2017 and 2018 brought about the birth of Gerson China.  Gerson China headquarters in Beijing.  Ms. Molly Yang is the CEO of Gerson China.  It is now the training and service hub of Gerson Asia.

Since 2018, Gerson China has trained dozens of Gerson Health Coaches who offer on-site and virtual one-on-one training to patients and their family members.  The Gerson Practitioner program was launched in 2019 where medical professionals could learn the Gerson Therapy and incorporate this therapy into their practice.



Several times a year, Gerson China organizes online and on-site detox and cooking classes to the general public.  They frequently organize seminars and webinars to educate the general public throughout the year.  A healing center is being set up in South China and will begin to receive guests in 2021.

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Headquarter in Beijing, Gerson Asia was established in June 2018. It has become a full-service Gerson hub for Chinese patients and their families. Services include:
  • Gerson Health Coach training
  • Gerson Practitioner Training
  • Various types of Gerson online training
  • Consultation and coaching services
It also has a local online store with all kinds of Gerson equipment and training materials. Contact Gerson China for more information By WeChat
Gerson Asia  
By phone: +86 400 107 0699