Gerson Europe

Besides a Gerson clinic in Hungary, there are multiple groups in Europe for information and help regarding Gerson Therapy. Charlotte Gerson and Beata Bishop’s books are translated into many languages.
Margaret Straus, President of the Max Gerson Foundation, has lived and worked in Italy for over 35 years. She works closely with a few Gerson practitioners including Dr. Alessandro Nicolosi, an expert in Integrative Medicine and Nutrition for Oncological patients. He is the Medical Consultant for the Max Gerson Foundation and teaches the method to practitioners in China and elsewhere. At regular intervals he and Margaret Straus teach nutrition and detoxification in week long retreats in a beautiful location in Sicily. The principal sponsor, La Collina Bio, is an enormous organic farm with the highest quality organic food available.

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Many Gerson supplements are available from These are high quality products, without additives of any kind. 

There are many Facebook support groups in Europe.

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