Gerson Clinics

The purpose of the clinics is to provide the patient with all the necessary education and most importantly a customized protocol, so that once you return home you can continue without interruption the treatment correctly.
If you are suffering from a stubborn pathology or you feel debilitated, then we recommend that you consider spending 15-30 days in one of the licensed clinics. Please contact us at for admission to the clinics.  
This healing center is based in Xishuangbanna, a beautiful South China city near Thailand.  As the first licensed Gerson clinic in Asia, it was opened up in April 2023.  The healing center is named by Ms. Margaret Straus after her dear mother Charlotte Gerson to remember this extraordinary lady who devoted her entire life to Gerson patients all over the world.  The center is operated by Gerson China.  The staff consists of Max Gerson Foundation trained Gerson practitioner(s) and Gerson health coach(es).  Please contact us at (Chinese mandarin) or (English) for admission to the healing center