Healing High Blood Pressure The Gerson Way

An All-Natural Solution for High Blood Pressure that Really Works – Charlotte Gerson

Within these pages is possibly the most powerful and effective system for permanently reducing high blood pressure ever created.  Based on the work of Dr. Max  Gerson, The Gerson Therapy will help you to open clogged arteries, lower elevated blood pressure, lose weight, reduce stress and return to complete health.

It is commonly known that poor dietary and lifestyle choices lead to increased blood pressure.  Not so well known, is this disease can be eliminated by making the right choices and that is what this program is all about. Gerson Therapy is an all-natural method of reversing high blood pressure that stops the disease by eliminating its causes and restores your body’s natural repair mechanisms and reverses the damage already done.
Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions guide you through every part of the program and here is some of the information included:

  • How The Gerson Therapy works to rebuild the immune system
  • What food and equipment is necessary for The Gerson Therapy
  • Recipes and techniques for preparing healthy foods and juices
  • Complete instructions for performing the natural detoxification process